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For trombone ensemble, score 16 p. and parts.

Wim Bex wrote this piece commissioned by Sandor Hendriks as a tribute to a friend/colleague trombonist Frans Theeuwen, who unfortunately died much too soon. Although Bex never had the opportunity to meet Frans, he was able to form an impression of him through conversations with Sandor and a few other colleagues who knew Frans well.

Frans Theeuwen was a very talented, classically trained trombonist. You can listen to him performing with Flexible Brass in Tomasi's Fanfare Liturgiques, showcasing his remarkable solo starting at 2:55. Despite his classical prowess, Frans's true passion lay in jazz music. The unfulfilled potential in this realm was a profound loss he felt keenly.

Wim translated all the anecdotes about Frans into a composition featuring various characters. Following an initial fanfare, inspired by Tomasi, he transforms the main theme into several other forms. Gradually, the pulsating heart for jazz music resonates more strongly until it becomes unstoppable, culminating in a jazz waltz with improvisation as a metaphor for the unleashed freedom. From that point onward, the narrative exudes nothing but gratitude and joy.

Unfortunately, an aggressive form of cancer swiftly snatched Frans away from life. This poignant reality is audibly captured as the heartbeat quickens momentarily, only to come to a final halt – the sound of the heart monitor transitioning to its monotonous A, abruptly ceasing as the machine is turned off.

Resolution - trombone ensemble

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Wim Bex
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trombone ensemble: 1 alto/tenor tromb - 5 tenor tromb - 2 bass tromb
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