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For Percussion Ensemble

The intent of this series “ Playing together “ is to offer some ideas and structures, which can be creatively used by the musicians, to play and compose together.
Each composition consists of different themes, structures, possible voicing and accompaniment patterns, and possible scales for improvisation, chords and rhythmic figures. This material can used randomly with the aim to create a beautiful structural song, with melodic and / or rhythmic solos and improvisations, with opportunities for all levels. Try as soon as possible to play by heart, this will improve the interaction.
Each work can be played from 2 to 15 players, almost all percussion instruments are included (optional piano bass or keyboard & malletkat).

Instrument list
Player 1: Orchestra Bells
Player 2: Chimes
Player 3: Vibes 1 (2 mallets)
Player 4: Vibes 2 (3 mallets)
Player 5: Xylophone or Marimba 1 (2 mallets) Player 6: Marimba 2 (3 mallets)
Player 7: piano
Player 8: Bass or Malletkat or Keyboard Player 9: Timpani (4)
Player 10: drumset
Player 11: Snare drum
Player 12: Percussion 1 (Tambourin)
Player 13: Percussion 2 (Cowbell & Cabasa)
Player 14: Percussion 3 (Conga's or Bongo's)
Player 15 : Bassdrum ( marching or concert)
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Playing together 1

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Walter Mertens
Difficulty level
percussion ensemble (2 up to 15 players)
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